Monday, February 23, 2009

Post-Office Lady

I spent the best 25mins. of my day waiting in line at the post-office today. After I hopped in line, a wonderful old woman stepped in behind me.

We hit if off right from the start.

As others in line were complaining about how it was taking too long, she was telling me that the post-office workers need breaks and have to go in the back for packages and stuff! She was totally on their defense and it was so refreshing to be next to someone for almost a 1/2hr. who didn't think the world owed them anything and could wait like a decent human for her turn!

She was so dear and told me a lot of information, probably more than she should have, but I'm safe :) My favorite part was when she told me about the packages she sends. Her favorite box to send ships at a flat rate, which she packs full, so full in fact that her sister (in Colorado) needs to stand back when she cuts it open because shirts (rolled, not folded!) and lebanon bologna will inevitably explode out. HA! We laughed so hard together everyone in the post-office started looking at us.

At one point I was looking, down, at her hot pink lip stick and plastic blue and pink glasses and couldn't stop thinking about my Gram. She had the same sweetness and warm heart as this little old lady.

Gram was so good at sending little notes and cards - she never forgot a birthday! She too, like this little old lady, enjoyed writing letters and didn't own a computer for emailing and such. One of my joys in life is sending (and receiving) a hand written note. The little extra bit of time it takes to write, not type out, says a lot to me.

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