Sunday, January 18, 2009

San Antonio & New York City

Last week Ryan was in San Antonio, TX for a majority of the week. He left on Tuesday and got back late on Friday night. He was only gone for 4 days, but it felt like so many more than that! It's so hard for me to sleep when he's not here. I even kept my personal fan (which sits on a stool, next to the bed, about 12" from my face) off so I could hear any unusual sounds throughout the night! I didn't hear anything funny and it's a good things because I had a screwdriver in my nightstand, as well as an old school Gameboy. If anyone thought they would mess with me they would have to answer to a tool or bulky gaming system - I think we all know just staying away is clearly the best line of action.

Ryan seemed to have a good time and enjoyed the warm weather down there, while I slowly started to freeze up here (I completely froze in NYC...I'll tell you more about that later) I think he knew I would be cold because he brought me this back....

It's pink :)

So Ryan got home late Friday night only to have to get up extra early on Saturday morning to head to NYC to see Wicked! I got him tickets for Christmas! We parked at a train station in NJ and took the train into NYC.

We planned to do 4 things when we were there for a short, 21 degree day. My feet and fingers froze instantly each time we went from one destination to another. I wore gloves and 2 pairs of socks, but they didn't seem to work - at all. Oh well...we still had fun!

When we got into the city we ate lunch at a small healthy sandwich type place - I wish I could remember the name! Then we power walked, as fast as we could, 13 blocks to....

Dean & DeLuca (Felicity used to work there - we HAD to go!!)

Here it is!
Ryan sipping his coffee!

Me sipping coffee. It was delightful to have something so warm on such a freezing cold day!
We also got a brownie with a top layer of cream cheese - words cannot describe it.

After my feet and fingers regained their feeling we decided to head to Gershwin Theater! We found F24 & 26 and cozied in :0) The view was slightly skewed because we sat on the side, but it was not bad at all. The performers were all at the front of the stage, so we didn't miss anything beside a little scenery!

The curtain - Emerald City smack in the middle! This was the view from my seat!
We're waiting for the show to start!
The show was fantastic and one I would definitely recommend anyone to go see! The monkeys creeped (sp.?) me out a little bit, but when you are a person afraid of almost everything I wasn't too surprised something startled me!

After the play we power walked (again) to the ESPN Zone in Times Square for dinner and games.

Here is Ryan on some kind of riding game. Gaming rooms aren't my thing, but Ryan had a good time which was really all that mattered!
We are happy to be on the warm train heading back to our car. What a wonderful day!

And it only took me until Sunday to finally get warm again :)

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