Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Substitute Teaching

I have been substitute teaching since September. I go to different schools every week and have been with students from kindergarten to 8th grade (oh dear). Overall, it's great and I always come home with a load of stories for Ryan...good and bad.

I spent the month of December with a 3rd grade, in a wonderful school not too far from where I live. The kids were surprisingly well-behaved and other than having to go in on Saturdays to do work (that I wasn't paid for!!) I had a good experience.

Monday and Tuesday of this week I've been with kindergarten kids. They have called me the following:

Mrs. Ha...
Mrs. Hat
Mrs. Height
Mrs. What's your name again?? (finger up the nose)

And my personal favorite...Mrs. Hairy.

On Tuesday during circle time we even reviewed and all said "Mrs. Harris" together - oh well.

The name thing didn't bother me as much as the girl who throw up on the carpet in the middle of story time. She coughed once, then let lose. Gross. I probably would have lost it myself if I hadn't been giggling from the terrified look on all the kids sitting around her. They dashed, jolted, and ran as quickly as their little legs would take them back to their seats. What was surprising to me was how quiet they all were. I mean the initial shriek was a bit loud, but it was as if this happened regularly and they knew the "throw-up" routine:

Run to your seat.

She is the THIRD student I have seen throw up since I started subbing.

In other (good) subbing news, I was told by 2 students yesterday that they liked my sweater and one student who thought I had beautiful eyes. Those little ones really know how to throw out the compliments :) They also know how to love someone they have only met once, through high fives and hugs.


Emily said...

This. Is. Hilarious! I love the part about the "throw-up routine." Also about how they give you compliments. I'm going to try to be more like that in my life. Compliment people and love them after 1 meeting. :o)

Lynn said...

This is so funny!! It would make me sick. I rarely have a kid throw up or wet their pants- but of course it happens. (And pass out, and this year I had a kid crack his head open jumping off the stage- lots of blood). Sounds like you are a great substitute!! That is often hard to find, so I'm sure they are thrilled to have you there.

Erin and Ryan Harris said...

Emily - The one compliment about my sweater was from a little boy - I think he might of had a crush on me. He kept staring at me and always wanted me to work really closely to him. hahaha

Emily said...

Maybe he's the one who got dumped by that other sassy girl. Poor thing. :o) 5 year old crushes are cute, plus can you blame him -- you're a hot teacher!!

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