Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Bachelor, Seriously?

I've been known to watch The Bachelor from time to time. Last night, especially, it blew my mind how these women act in order to gain the affection of a man, I presume, they hardly know. Sure, they think they are falling in love with him, but are they really? Don't get me wrong I have NO idea how they truly and genuinely feel, but let's be serious, can you fall in love ON T.V. in a matter of weeks?

Apparently it's possible.

I had to change the channel on several instances last night because I was embarrassed for some of the women. I won't mention any names, but there are some ladies with very different (and by different I mean weird) personalities. The casting crew really went above the call of duty this time.

I know, I know - It's reality T.V.

The women on this show are amazingly beautiful. I was looking at some of their bios (what?? I was curious) and was shocked to see some were MY age!! I had no idea!

For whatever it's worth I'm pretty sure Molly is going to win Jason's heart....even though Nikki looks just like Sandra Bullock.

With all that said - what has my life come to?


Emily said...

That's so funny -- I was watching this/reading in bed last night and was horrified by those women. I've never seen The Bachelor before. Are they always like that (so crazy desperate)? And what's with him? Is there anyone he won't make out with?! What's the male word for slut, again?

Ryan said...

Yes, they are always like that! Haha - I thought the same thing...I'm not sure the male word for slut. He seems to have good intentions, but anyone guy willing to date 12 women at the SAME time seems a little creepy.

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