Thursday, January 22, 2009

Kindergarten Drama

I subbed again for a kindergarten class today and I must say, they are too funny! I had a class for an AM period and then 5 students (also in the AM class) for an afternoon session called KIDS.
The afternoon group consists of 4 boys and 1 very popular little girl. She is the sparkle in all of their eyes. It was truly incredible.

They fought about who would sit by her (someone actually got into trouble because they pouted so bad and wouldn't do their work!)...

who would get her scissors...

who would read next to her...

and who would (when they got older) marry her.

I know. Unbelievable.

I actually heard a marriage proposal before 9:00am! As soon as their coats were off, Timmy asked Tara, "will you marry me?" I almost died waiting for her response. She thought, then quickly flipped her huge ponytail and said "okay." I didn't think too much of it and kinda let it slide, but later in the afternoon when Timmy started to fight with Max for sitting next to her - I had to step in.

It seems as though Tara doesn't like the jealous type, because when Timmy started in on her new fling she said the marriage was off and she was going to marry Max "because he was CUTER!" she didn't!

I hung back for a moment, then joked about how they were too young to talk about being married. I said that they were all friends and that's what really mattered right now. Timmy wasn't amused and Tara had clearly moved on. So that was that until.....

Timmy got in Tara's face and said "Well I think Macy is cuter and I'm going to ask her to marry me tomorrow!!!!!!" Then he walked away.

Don't worry, I jumped in and we all talked about it, but honestly. They are in KINDERGARTEN.

Oh. And during share time, Tara (go figure), proceeded to pull off her dolls shirt to expose and point to her "boobs!" My word. That was before another boy tried to cut his neighbor's shirt with his scissors and yet another boy who started pushing a kid for messing up his Lego starship.

Overall, the kids were great! I mean, in any class, you'll have the jealous romance, pervert, and Lego maniac. Right?

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