Sunday, December 14, 2008

Kitchen Lights

A few weeks ago I mentioned that kitchen under cabinet lights might be nice. They provide some indirect lighting for the room, direct lighting for the counter tops and create nice mood :) So on Saturday when Ryan and I stopped at Home Depot, I went straight for the lighting isle to keep me busy while he looked for screws. I waited there for him to find me and showed him the lightsI was looking at...the ones I thought would be PERFECT for our house! I thought he would say something like, "okay, good to know," but instead he said "how many do you think we should get?" Of course, I let the professional handy man himself decide. As soon as we got home he started working and this afternoon the project was finished! I think they look great! He also installed a dimmer on our dining room light while I was teaching on Friday. He's so fantastic. I love when he surprises me with finished projects!

These are some photos of his hard work AND of the two of us before the TMI Christmas party on Saturday night. It was at the place we had our wedding reception! It brought back so many fun memories of our special day :)

Ryan getting the cabinet lights set up!

Ryan getting the lights ready for installation!

Finished product! So pretty! They are on the low setting!

Another view!The setting is medium or high...not sure :)

Another view!
Before the Christmas party!

Dining room light on dimmed

Bright lights! Notice the difference?

Front door wreath ....I didn't make this one :)

Here is our tree lite up! It looks a little better than the other pictures I had!

Ryan's candy tree filled with his favorite - mint Hershey kisses :)

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Emily said...

I love your dress!

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