Sunday, December 7, 2008

It's Beginning to Feel Like Christmas!

Before Ryan and I left for Thanksgiving in NJ, we decorated our house for Christmas. Ryan unpacked all of the houses (given to me by my Mom...we used to put them up together when I was growing up) and I set them up. We decided to wait and get the tree when we got back. On the night we went to pick it, it was cold, semi-dark, and raining but we still managed to find the perfect one! We set it up right away - Ryan even got the shop-vac out to suck all the dead needles off the tree since it was wet and they were all sticking! We didn't want them to fall off later! Our tree even came with a special surprise - gnats! They all came out the night we set it up and set up camp around the living room lights. Needless to say it was disgusting and I almost cried because I thought our tree would have to go, but Ryan saved us both and sucked them up with the vacuum! We haven't seen another one since :)

Here are some pictures of our Christmas decorations. They don't look nearly as nice because the pictures were taken with a flash...I couldn't really see them without a flash. They look a ton better in person - you should come and see for yourself!!

Ryan getting the tree stand ready!

Making sure no needles hit the carpet!

Yes, we are hugging our very first Christmas tree!

Putting on the lights!

This is how Ryan feels after vacuuming up the gnats. He's sad and annoyed.

It's all done!

All lit up!!
Decorations in the dinning room :)

A little closer...
Village in the foyer (these ones didn't fit on top of the t.v.)

The other houses!

These are special tea lights filled with tinsel. Don't worry we don't like the candles inside :) We have white lights coming down our stairs and it reflects very nicely!

The flash makes this look horrible, but really with the white lights it's very soft and pretty.


Lynn said...

Wow, Your house looks great. I love your tree (without gnats!)

Emily said...

I love it!! Especially the tree hug. :o)

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