Sunday, November 2, 2008

Coldplay Concert!

This past Saturday the time had finally come for Anita and I to go see Coldplay at the Wachovia Center in Philly! She had asked me mid-summer if I wanted to go and (of course) I said YES! Coldplay is one of my favorite bands, and although I went several years ago with Ryan, I couldn't pass up another opportunity. I drove out Saturday morning, we had the most delicious turkey paninis for lunch, did a little shopping, made caramel apples, and then headed to the concert. It was amazing! We had a wonderful time - minus the high schoolers making out in the row in front of us...gross!

Our seats were so good we could see everything! haha

There they are on the jumbo screen! They were basically right with us in the top section :)

Another view of it all! They had so many lights!

I got home late Sunday morning, then headed with Ryan to a friends house for lunch. After a delicious homemade meal, I completed everything on my weekend to-do list (including some Christmas shopping :) ) ! Hooray for productive, fun weekends!

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Emily said...

Coldplay was in Cleveland last week and I heard they were awesome! I'm glad you had fun!!

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