Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ryan at the World Series!

On Sunday night, Ryan, Darren (his twin brother), and Nate (a friend from NJ) got to cheer the Phillies on in person at the World Series!! After going to the game, an after party, then driving 2hrs home he made it back around 3am....THEN got up for work at 5:30am because he had to be there early. I thought he was crazy, but he assured me it was all worth it!

The guys tailgating before the game! They used "sparky" to cook some good ol' pre-game hamburgers!

Ryan is clearly excited about his Fightin' Phils towel!

Nice seats huh?

A table at the after party with some food. There was apparently tons and tons of free food, so Ryan ate as much as he could handle. He was full until dinner the next night.

Another scene at the after party.

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