Saturday, May 6, 2017

birthday week & ice cream party {long post!}

Our birthday week started off with a big BANG! You can read about it here :)

That all happened Tuesday night and my parents arrived Wednesday afternoon! Honestly, that kept me swimming when I felt a little like I might be drowning in snot and cranky kiddo tears.

It was such a relief to have them arrive!

The boys were both literally throwing fits in the driveway when they pulled into our cal-de-sac...a nice warm welcome after a 7 hour drive.

The doctor said Penn wouldn't feel like himself for about a week, so it was very touch and go for him. We saw glimpses of our sweet, outgoing boy....but also lots of him just cranky and sick.
 We spent Wednesday afternoon and Thursday at home. Thursday was honestly a bit of a blur because Penn was such a mess all day! He just didn't feel well and let everyone know it. I kept giving him Tylenol and ibuprofen, but it didn't seem to help too much. I'm just glad we had the antibiotic started!

Later on Thursday, Keaton opened presents from my parents {wearing his Christmas shirt from 2 years ago - he loves this shirt}. He got this really cool race car track!
Both boys liked it! The little cars it came with are fun on the track or zipping around the house; namely going under the sofa and TV stand and running until their battery wears out. haha

K also got this leaf bubble blower! It's amazing and was a huge hit!
He bubbled everything and everyone all weekend! He was a man on a mission with that thing!!
Friday my Dad and Ryan had the boys all day while my Mom and I went out! I may or may not have ran from the house to the car Friday morning after getting ready. haha! I was ready to get some fresh air and a little break :)

Saturday was the big "party" day when the rest of my family arrived! My nephew {Owen} had a travel baseball tournament in the area and so they had planned to be at our house over this weekend and since my parents came to celebrate the boys and watch Owen play, my other sister and her family also came over for the day!! It worked out so well :)

Birthday boy! Slowly starting to feel like himself again!!
It poured rain the night before, so games were cancelled in the morning and everything was soaking wet until about mid-morning. 

The birthday boy found the lone puddle in the sewer drain cover...
 And had the time of his life splashing! I'm not sure if Keaton was blasting Penn or the puddle. HA!
 I'm pretty sure Penn.
Everyone was here by now and the fun started off strong :) I was busy chasing around my boys and hosting, so I didn't get a ton of pictures...except a few of my brand new 2 year old being a big boy on his bike ;0)
 He loves "riding" around on this bike :) 

The boys and cousin Noel napped in the afternoon while everyone else was at Owen's game. My sister and I got to visit for a bit, which was really nice, and I got to relax before round #2!

We decided to keep the littlest kids home once they woke up and had some fun of our own...
Penn loves cousin Noel :)
 We had a quick pizza dinner! Then outside for silly string chaos!! Keaton got silly string in his Easter basket from his Grandmom and Pop in NJ and when I saw how much fun he had in those 15secs before it ran out I just knew we needed some to help us celebrate ;0) It was a hit!
Asher is 7 and so silly string is pretty much right.up.his.alley. It's so fun watching the kids be silly and have fun!

I went inside to get our ice cream sundae station set up while everyone else cleaned up 0:-) It's a lot more fun when you get to watch and then walk away. HA!

The boys love ice cream - so we went with that for the party "theme." Penn doesn't really eat sweets, but he's had some ice cream before and seemed to enjoy it, so we went with that. I was so busy I didn't get any pictures of him grabbing blowing out his candle or all of us singing to him. Next year!

I also didn't get any pictures of our ice cream decorations! They weren't extravagant, but it was still cute {in my humble opinion}. Here are some things I used.... 

Donut Sprinkles Napkins - SmallDonut Party Sprinkles Table CoverImage result for target ice cream garlandImage result for ice cream cone cup with straw party city
Just a 2, 3, & 4 year old eating ice cream sundaes.... 
After ice cream we opened gifts!
Keaton "helped" Penn open every single one ;0)

 And this one was fun even before it got opened!! Banging things and standing on something...this is all he does.
I think it's safe to say we've played with everything multiple times already! Such lucky little boys!!

Phew! Even with the birthday boys being under the weather we had a great time!! Such a joy joy joy having everyone together! They all grow so fast, don't they?!? 

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