Friday, April 21, 2017

easter egg hunts

I'll rewind a few weeks here...

We hit the Easter egg hunts hard this year! Ryan had to work for 2 of them and so I attempted it alone and came out alive and breathing both times! With both boys!

The first was the one held by my church. My friend, Jess, gave an awesome shortened version of the Easter story and Penn was a major stinker the entire time. This is before Penn started to lose his mind and we had to make a quick exit. The boys and I played in the nursery until the hunt.
 When we did make it outside, Keaton was afraid of all the kids and so he didn't get any eggs. I picked up 1 for him and another sweet friend had her son share one of his.
It was a beautiful morning and so we just enjoyed being outside! My church framily helped coral the boys {ahem, Penn} and then they played on the church playground a bit before we headed home. Hoping next year I have 2 boys who actually want to get some eggs! Momma likes the candy too!!
 Later that week, my Mom's Connect group hosted an egg hunt for the kids of the group. Ryan was off work and so he stayed home with Penn. Keaton had a blast!

And then to wrap up the egg hunts...our last one was at the church where I attend MOPS.

{Yes, I go to 2 mom's groups :) I have almost 2 & 3 year old boys. I need help. I need a break. I need lifted up. I need other women in my life who are dealing with unruly toddlers. I need guidance. I need someone to tell me how to not lose my mind}

I think the boys had fun! haha It's kind of hard to tell at this age - there was some smiling and some whining and some crying :) Penn still didn't know what he was doing, so he wondered around amongst the eggs and tried to put them in other kids' baskets. 
 I didn't even give him a basket because I knew he wouldn't use it and I'd have to carry it around. If Ryan was there I would have been able to help him more, but he didn't seem to mind.
 By this round, Keaton knew what to do! He opened each egg before putting it in his basket...wanted to make sure there was candy I guess! #dontblamehim haha

It was almost impossible keeping up with them both by myself!! Keaton stays pretty close to me, but Penn runs in the opposite direction.

After the egg hunt, we checked out some of the other fun stations they had set up!

And rabbits!

And then their attention ran out and they were ready to move on. Actually, Penn ran out of the room and Keaton and I followed ;0)

We topped the whole thing off with some bubble stomping and called it a day.
I wish Ryan could have been there with us! Everything is better with Daddy :) It's not easy doing it alone with both boys, but always worth it in the end. Making memories!

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