Friday, February 3, 2017

big boy bed

The time finally came for Mr. K to move out of his crib and into his big boy bed!

He was so excited :) And so ready!

We used the twin bed {also my bed frame as a kid}in our spare room, so a few days before the switch I showed Keaton his new bed and asked him what he thought. He loved it and was ready to sleep in it right then and there.

I also showed him this quilt and asked if he liked it. I know I know, risky move. I wouldn't have even bothered asking, but there is 1 crib sheet he does not like and refuses to sleep on. I didn't want to get his bed put together and him be horrified of the quilt. 

I showed him and he said "oh for my big boy bed? I like it."

Praise hands ;0)
Testing it out on mommy's bed...
We ordered a toddler rail and then put it all together! K knew we needed 1 more piece before he could sleep in his bed and so every day {for 2 days - ha!} he would hold up his finger and say "one more piece. Come in mail." I think that was the longest 2 days of his little life so far.

Penn "helped" us get it all put together ;0)

 And here it is! All ready for my big boy :)
 I made a navy blue cover for a really large pillow we already had and bought the "K" at Target. I had another pillow not being used and so I just tucked inside that cover. It was simple.

 I feel like when I look into his room from the door {this angle} and see the corner of his bed it hits me a little. No more crib. No more baby. Where does the time go??

We still need to attach his book case to the wall and change out the bunting. One thing at a time!
We showed him after dinner that night and he was SO excited!!
After a few good jumps...
And a book, he was sold!
He did great the first night and every night since! We told him to stay in his bed until Mommy or Daddy comes and let's his side down and so far he's done that. We'll give it a bit more time, but he loves his bed so I don't think he minds staying in :)
He's still learning about how to use the pillow though :) For a year he put his head, in his crib in the same spot as this picture. Old habits are hard to break ;0) I imagine one of these days he'll have his head and feet in the right spot...or maybe not! Don't kids sleep all over the place??
Love you big boy!
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