Monday, January 23, 2017

hair cut, date day & family time

Ryan's work schedule has pros and cons. I won't go into the cons, but one of the big pros is that every couple of weeks he has a stretch of days off!! We usually try to plan out a combination of fun activities and must dos.

Haircut was a must do for Keaton and first on the list.

His hair grows s-l-o-w, so it really doesn't need cut that often. Like ever. But it was starting to get long around the ears and so I thought a little trim wouldn't hurt. Ryan was able to stay home with Penn, so this was a good time!

Keaton did an awesome job!
Very curious about everything Miss Stacie was doing...he asked lots of questions ;0)
She had these old little McDonald's happy meal toys and K loved them. He was so excited to see her "animals." haha
Afterwards, he got a sprinkle donut. I mean not a bad gig at all!

I made plans a few weeks ago for Ryan's parents to come and spend Friday afternoon with the boys so Ryan and I could go out :) They always come without hesitation, which is really nice for us! I surprised Ryan on Friday morning with our day date, so that was a little extra fun! 

You would think with an entire afternoon I would have thought of something really grand and amazing to do, but no. We checked out a new local tea bar called Seasonal Grounds and then went ice skating...

This sounded really fun in my head and then we started and not only could I barely do it, my ankles got sore super fast! So 35 mins later we were in the car driving to the movies :)
We saw Hidden Figures and it did not disappoint! So so good!

We got home just in time for bedtime and hung out with Ryan's parents the next morning until lunch

The rest of our weekend and beginning of this week we're just doing some things around the house, playing with the boys, and getting Keaton ready to move into his big boy bed!! Oh he's so excited! Here's a little peek of the quilt...
The boys LOVE having Ryan home...and so do I!

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