Friday, November 4, 2016

halloween 2016

Happy Halloween :) 

Growing up, my family didn't do much for Halloween. We lived out in the country and didn't have any neighbors to go Trick or Treat at OR kids nearby who would come to our house. I remember one year some kids stopped by and we gave them apples. APPLES. Those were the first and last ones. And now I'm pretty sure I know why. hahaha

I actually really don't like the "holiday," but because we have kids now and I love seeing our friend's kids dressed up - I get the boys dressed up too. We also live in a neighborhood full of kids and it's nice to participate in the activities :) I'll never be one of those people who just love the day and do family costumes, but I'll get excited for my boys!

ANYWAYS....without further ado here are Daniel Tiger and O the Owl!!

I tried to get a few pictures of them together a couple of days before our TT night, but it didn't work at all. Like at.all.

I just have to laugh at them though....
This may be the best one I got {because they're both in it and facing me} :) 
Mid-picture dance party!
O the Owl making a break for it...
And Trick or Treat night!

I have NO idea how people get their kids to sit/stand/congregate together and stay still to take a cute Halloween costume picture, but we tried and it was a complete and utter fail. HAHA 
O the Owl was pretty much a blue blur the entire night!
I love how Ryan is pushing him down on the head before jumping out of the picture. HA!
Keaton needed a "lollipop" to even get going around to the neighbors and unless you watch Daniel Tiger, no one knew who he was dressed up as. Next year I'm going to Target and just plucking 2 costumes off the shelves :)
We went to the end of our street and back. It took us 45 mins. 
 Keaton's little face just cracks me up - he looks BEAT in this picture and Penn is going strong! Penn just ran and ran!
I think between all the excitement of getting ready, learning how to Trick or Treat and then approaching a bunch of strangers Keaton just got wore out.

It was definitely a night of memory making for us!

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