Saturday, July 2, 2016

updates on the boys

I absolutely love looking back and reading Keaton and Penn's monthly updates, so I thought I'd do a little "random month" update :) 

Keaton Mark - 26 months
He's a riot these days.  

He makes me laugh non-stop and is turning into a real boy!! Last night he was tooting in the tub and thought it was great that the water bubbled - I couldn't help but laugh. haha

He used to eat anything and everything, but recently he's not been super interested in food. His all time favorite continues to be applesauce packs. If I ask him what he wants to eat he'll 100% of the time say "PACK!" I make some of my own by blending applesauce and spinach {they're green and he tolerates them}, but the store bought ones he likes the best :) 

Favorite Foods:
chicken nuggets,
ice cream
pancakes w/syrup
cheddar cheese
peeled apples
fruit snacks
ketchup {this is a food, right?? ;0) }

I know. Super healthy diet, huh?? No one eats perfectly and we're working on it!

I just love all the new expressions and phrases he comes up with! He repeats a lot of what we say - this is good and bad :0P

Words/Phrases/Questions I Hear Most:
Help please
Daniel {he loves watching Daniel Tiger}
Penn no cry
Play on deck
Penn's milk {it's just his milk in Penn's cup}
Ding dong

Keaton's love for books continues to be strong :) He's my little book worm. He could listen to stories all day long and I'll often find him just sitting and looking through books. He's starting to read them to himself which is ADORABLE. He honestly gets the plot right in a lot of them and then always ends with a resounding "THE END!"

He plays very nicely by himself, but really enjoys time with Mommy and Daddy too. We spend a lot of time going to our local zoo and running errands.

Favorite Toys:
Mower and push car
Shopping cart
Stuffed animals

Chasing Mommy around the house
Playing outside
Chasing Phinley around the house
Dancing to music
Playing on the deck
Asking for things and then not wanting them :)
Walking around at the zoo
Getting tickled

He loves Mommy a lot right now and is very generous with his hugs and kisses. Sometimes he'll run up to me and hug my legs and say "squeeze!!" My heart grows a little more each time.

He also loves when Daddy plays guitar & eating at his learning tower :)

He's 2. This changes all.the.time.

Some pretty consistent ones: getting diaper changed, when Penn cries or yells, when Phinley steals his food, being around large groups of other kids


Penn Liam - 14 months
Oh Penn, you're just not sure what to do with yourself these days.

Penn has been going through somewhat of a rough patch recently. He's happy here and there, but between teething, learning to walk, growing, and getting over a lingering cold he just hasn't been himself. Ryan and I are both pretty sure once he starts walking he'll be able to explore and run free the way we know he wants to :) Right now he strings about 5-6 steps together before falling....any day he'll just take off!

We've come a long way over the last few months! He's finally interested and eating table food, but still pretty particular. He chews most things, but doesn't always meal times are him chewing and then letting it fall out of his mouth. It basically ends up being a huge mess! We're still giving him a large variety though and know it's the only way he'll learn to eat on his own :)

We're working on getting Penn to drink cow's milk, but it's not his favorite. He takes sips here and there. We offer it to him all the time so you can't say we're not doing our part!

Favorite Foods:
american cheese
shredded cheddar cheese
butternut squash
graham cracker
applesauce packs

Dada and mimics sounds I make. 

Still not saying "Momma" Stinker. Haha!

Penn likes to do whatever Keaton is doing! He's the best at trying to grab toys out of Keaton's hands. HA I've noticed he flips through books a little more now on his own and gravitates towards toys that play music.

Favorite Toys:
Activity square
Shaker water bottles
Anything with wheels/cars/trucks
Bounce house
Big exercise ball

Chasing Mommy while she vacuums
Helping Daddy play the guitar
Going for walks in the stroller

Mommy holding him, Phinley running around like crazy, & bath time!

When Mommy puts him down, napping

I just love my 2 boys! I can't believe how much they change each month!

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