Thursday, June 30, 2016

hershey miracle 5k

A few weeks ago I saw signs around my town for the Hershey Miracle 5K and thought it'd be fun :) I haven't run or trained regularly for a while now {since having 2 kids thank you very much} and figured if the weather was nice it'd be good to get outside with the boys for the morning.

The morning was beautiful!!

Ryan had slightly pulled his hamstring the week before, so he was out of commission and willing to entertain the kiddos while I ran.

It was breakfast was on the go for these 2.
I'm pretty sure they LOVED every minute of it! They love being outside and there were lots of people to watch :)

Because Ryan stayed at the start I got to run stroller-free! If I'm being honest...when you push a double stroller it doesn't matter what your time're pretty much amazing. Just finishing is worth a medal. HAHA I guess I got used to my squad because I was a little nervous!

My goal was under 25mins, but I knew that was a stretch so I figured anything within 25min would be great!

See you at the finish guys!!
I came in at 23:49 - just under 24 minutes! Knowing these 3 were waiting for me at the end certainly pushed me along!
We were ALL surprised! haha 

I got 2nd in my age group and this fun medal to add to our collection...
And Keaton got to meet Mr. Reese's PB cup man! It was SO funny because usually K is afraid of characters, but he loved this guy. I can't really blame him - he's my favorite too!
Two thumbs up to almost the weekend!

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