Tuesday, March 15, 2016

life lately

Has it really been almost 3 weeks since my last post? I love looking back and reading old posts, so I want to keep this up, but with 2 little ones and nicer days ahead it's going to get hard! Here's hoping...

We've been busy having fun these last few weeks! The weather has been gorgeous {with the exception of the last 2 rainy days} and just what I needed! I've been in a late winter slump for a while and needed a warm weather pick me up :) 

Keaton also needed to get the lawn care started.
Penn and I supervised :) 
As it turns out, Penn is a really good supervisor. We went to a friend's house for some outdoor fun and he made sure the big kids behaved themselves in the {ginormous} sandbox! 

Hat √
Drink √
Kids within view √
Mom within view √
K had a blast! 
Daddy now has "build huge sandbox" on his to-do list :) 
Ryan had a few days off last week and so we took the boys to our local zoo and chocolate world. My sister gifted us season passes and we're excited to go back many many more times this year!

Keaton was just dying to get out of the stroller and run free! 
 "HI" - Keaton  hahaha
It's pre-pre-season so the place was empty!  

Poor Penn just couldn't make it the whole morning. He fell asleep on the 5min drive from the zoo to chocolate world :)
Oh gosh I love these guys! Even the ones who look stunned by the camera. haha
They're redoing the entire ride so it wasn't as exciting as usual, but we still got free chocolate at the end so it was totally worth it!

 Other than our little zoo trip and our daily errands we've really just been hanging out at home. 

Keaton is reading everywhere and everything he can get his hands on as usual...
Yes that's a potty seat for the toilet. No we haven't started potty training yet.
#thatwouldbecrazy #ilovediapersrightnow

And my Mr.Penn has been pulling himself up on everything!! 
Oh this guy is a ham.
He either has a cold now or is getting a tooth because he's not so happy at the moment, but we're hoping it passes soon!!

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