Monday, February 29, 2016

penn liam - 10 months

Happy 10 Months Penn!

You're getting pretty darn close to being an entire year old mister....

I wish I was as relaxed as you about the whole thing.
You're still my baby in pretty much every way, but have started crawling like a wild man this month and go off on your own to explore. I find you in the strangest places and it just cracks me up! You're having the time of your life getting around and really enjoy this new found freedom. 
You've gotten pretty quick too and actually crawled out of your onesie today :-P
Sometimes you crawl to explore, but mostly you crawl with a goal in mind. You eye up a spot to pull yourself up and go for it! The metal chairs in the kitchen are your favorite right now...they make fun noises when you bang on them :) But really, anything that's remotely stable will work!
You're fearless and have many forehead bruises to prove it!! 

Sooooo you're still not a huge fan of table food. You can't say we don't try ;0) We give you bits of our food all the time, but you just poke it and make a yucky face. You actually put a puff in your mouth and attempted to eat it, but then gagged on it as it dissolved and threw up. 

Your favorite foods are still mostly orange and most definitely fruit. You gobble down fruit pretty well! We know one day you'll take to table foods so we're not stressing about're just happy as a clam munching on your toys at the table in the meantime.
It was another big month for you in the teeth department - 3 more popped through! That makes the grand total 5! Now that you have top and bottom teeth you're actually destroying stuff you chew. haha! You're like a little puppy around here....I find little corners chewed off all kinds of toys and books. It's pretty cute :)
Penn, you are seriously one happy little dude! It doesn't take much at all to make you laugh! A rousing game of peek-a-boo just about knocks you over from laughing so hard. You have your sad moments too, but they are few and far between {saved mostly for teething!}. Just the other day you were laughing so hard in the bath tub you fell over :)
We're so thankful for you! You're the little bit of spunk our family needed! 

Hugs and kisses sweet cheeks!! You are loved!

FUN FACTS - 10 Months:

*Weighs - 
*Length -
*Wears size 2 diapers
*Wears size 6&9 month onesies, 6&9 month pants, 9 month jammies
*Nurses every 2-2.5hrs throughout the day
*Still eating only baby food {fruits are favorite!!}
*Bath time starts at 7pm & in bed around 7:30pm 
*Wakes between 4am-5am to nurse then back to bed
*5 teeth total
*Chews on everything! Bites shoulders and legs :)
*Crawls everywhere and pulls up on furniture!
*Loves bath time, getting tickled under chin and thighs, crawling after Keaton and Phinley

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