Tuesday, February 23, 2016

valentine's love

Happy Valentine's Day

....a week late :) 

It's never to late to celebrate love around here! Ryan had to work on Vday, so we celebrated a little that day and then on Monday. 

I love red, pink, and candy, so naturally it's one of my favorites!

We kept things pretty low key for the boys this year - I was going to make some pink heart shaped pancakes or something, but I knew that K wouldn't care quite yet so I skipped it. Maybe next year! 
Ryan did get some heart shaped donuts on his way home from work Monday morning and K thought they were excellent! haha

We did surprise the boys with this Elmo story reader Sunday morning before church. Keaton is just loving Elmo these days {and he's always loved books} so I thought he might like it :) He really enjoys the little songs at the end of each story the best and Penn...well Penn likes to chew on the books. It looks like a little puppy lives here these days with chew marks on everything! We have the books up for now before he eats any more ;0)

I tried to get a picture of the boys in their V-day shirts before church and it was a mess. Penn may or may not have fallen off the sofa as I got Keaton, who then refused to look at me.

BTW, Penn was fine!

So then I tried to take a few quick pics of them solo...

Keaton just wasn't feeling it.
But Penn was!
What a heart throb <3 nbsp="" p="">
Keaton and his buddy Carson at small group lunch after church.
K was in a mood most of the day, but I managed to squeak a few smiles out of him when we were snuggling :) 
Ryan got me a new light for our breakfast nook...the way to my heart is seriously through household home decor. And diet coke.

It was too funny because on Monday, when Ryan had off, I made the boys a special dinner and had it all set up with candles and dimmed lights. I knew Penn wouldn't notice, but I thought Keaton might get a kick out of it. Well he was NOT a fan of the new light...as in he looked at it and cried! hahaha Then he cried at the candles bc I think he was a little nervous of them.

So basically he cried through dinner and wouldn't let us turn the light on! It was certainly a "special" dinner ;0) 

I love my 3 valentines and get spoiled rotten every day being able to love on them!

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Kelsey Winter said...

That's too funny. Life with kids is so unpredictable! For Carolyn's monthly pictures, I would put her on this child-sized rocking chair. One month, she definitely toppled off the chair head first right after I snapped her picture. (She was fine too.) And the story about Penn chewing on everything reminded me of Carolyn as well. We had to make homemade bumpers for the top of her crib because she's been gnawing on the wood lately.

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