Thursday, February 25, 2016

the library

Last week I took Keaton and Penn to a local library to check out the kids area. 

We've gone to the toddler story hour several times, but haven't actually ever made it to the book section!! It sounds crazy, but the story time begins right after Penn's morning nap so we hurry to get there on time and then ends right at lunch so we hurry to get home and eat. 

So anyways....I thought we'd make a special trip to see what they had to offer - it was great! K had a fun morning!

In the middle of our time there a small group of older kids came in to have a special story time and it was so cute because Keaton decided to join them. He wasn't interested at first, but once the librarian started reading he put his arms up to one of the teachers and she plopped him down with the rest of the kids :) I could have died it was so cute. He's a good listener!

Spot him??
So sweet! 

They had a big train he could climb in and then they brought out a train table once the big kids left. 
He just played and played, while Penn chewed and chewed on his toys :)

These are the days....

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