Friday, September 18, 2015

hershey park happy

A few weeks ago, we took the boys to Hershey Park for the afternoon :)

Ryan had tickets from work, so we figured we'd check it out and see if there was anything Keaton could ride.

Honestly, the day was a combination of surviving the heat with 2 babies and having fun...everything else {including getting on rides} was a bonus :) I think we were pretty successful! There were no break downs {from kids or adults} and we really did have a good time :)

Keaton's first ride...ever!
This is ridiculous, but I cried when I saw him smiling and having fun, because is there really anything better than seeing your kids happy?? Having kids is THE BEST.
We did lots of walking/wondering around....
Rode the train...
Ate a picnic lunch and then checked out the water park!!

I absolutely hate water parks {hate.them.}, but this splash pad portion was a ton of fun for K!
Ryan and I took turns keeping Penn in the shade and following K around.
He loved it!! We definitely need to find some splash pads in our area next summer!

We left Hershey Park Happy right before naps :) 

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