Tuesday, July 21, 2015

ocean city 2015

Every summer we head to Ocean City, NJ to spend a week at the beach with Ryan's family!

The first few years it was just Ryan & I, no kids. Then last year it was an all new experience with Keaton and this year it was another new experience with Keaton and Penn.

Penn did awesome on his first family vacation!! He continued to sleep through the night and took most of his naps in his travel crib. Like all babies, he had a few tough times, but really did great :)

We had a pretty uneventful trip there with the most exciting part being a stop at Chick-Fil-A for lunch. Keaton got his first kid's meal and LOVED it! He ate the entire 4 piece chicken nugget meal and could have used more....6 piece next time ;0)

Keaton is definitely a little beach baby :) 

He liked the sand and walked right up to the ocean with no fear! I swear he could have walked up and down the beach all day if we let him...just keeping his toes and legs in the water. He ate a little sand, but mostly enjoyed smashing sand castles or watching his cousins play. 

Oh yeah, he also liked the snacks. Give this boy a snack and drink and he's happy almost anywhere!!

It will be even more fun next year when Penn can join him! Penn did really well, but the truth is, it's just not easy having a newborn on the beach. He was only 10 weeks old and the ocean breeze and sun is a lot. I remember that with Keaton last year too.

Thankfully, Ryan's mom brought this great little pool and Keaton loved it! The house is ocean front, so it was basically like we were on the beach...even though we were relaxing under the covered porch!! Penn could be there without the wind, sand, and sun blasting on him. Ryan and I love to spend time together as a whole family and this allowed us to do that!

A little naked time does the body good...

Keaton pretty much loved every second of the entire week! He loves being around other kids and this year there were 4 older cousins running around to keep him busy! He's extra lucky to have a little mommy cousin too. Oh his cousin Alayna just loves babies :)

She was a good helper for sure!

Keeping K busy...

And helping Uncle Ryan look after Penn 0:-)

She helped me by holding Penn too!

Everyone loved the newest addition :)


So besides the sand, ocean, pool, and cousins there were grandparents, uncles, and aunts to read to Keaton. He was in heaven! He loves anyone who will read him a story.

I just love this picture of his Great Granny reading him a book before we hit the beach.

I love love love spending time with my guys!! This week always goes by way to quickly!

It was the absolute best watching Keaton have fun and spend time with his cousins. Next year Penn will be in the mix!

Till next year!!

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