Tuesday, February 24, 2015

keaton mark - 10 months

Happy 10 Months Baby Boy!
News Flash: you'll always be my baby.
You are 2 months shy of being ONE though! That's crazy.

Keaton you are turning into quite the busy boy! It's fun watching you explore and investigate. You've started to venture out of the family room this month and into other rooms. I find myself losing track of you sometimes!
You crawl from one room to another and just look around :) The bathroom was particularly interesting the other day. haha Daddy put the baby gates up a few weeks back and it's a good thing - I have a feeling you'd be alllll over those stairs!
You {and Phinley} love the dishwasher! You army crawl over to it as fast as your arms can pull you whenever it's opened. You also love the big blue rhino you got for Christmas - you practice your wrestling moves on him all.day.long.
Keaton you have such a great sense of humor. You're still happy as ever, but had your first cold/fever/teething unhappy day just this past Sunday & yesterday and we saw a side of you that was sad and pathetic. I just didn't know what to do for you, so we snuggled, I tried to make you laugh, and did anything you wanted me too.

This morning you were feeling MUCH better!
Keaton, physically you're a strong little guy. You're always on the look out for something you can grab and pull yourself up on. Or even just grab. You army crawl, but recently have moved a bit on your knees. You love to climb over and under things. Musical toys are your favorite and you sometimes sing along with Daddy when he plays guitar :)
I give you a 10 for sleeping. You have not once {since you started sleeping through the night} gotten up in the middle of the night. It's weird and fantastic all at the same time. You love your bath and nursing before bed....getting jammies and lotion on isn't your favorite.

I give you a 9 for eating. You're so close to a 10 on this one, but have recently decided to shake your head no and keep your mouth closed when I try to feed you...even if I know you'll like it. Sometimes you'll let me put the spoon to your lips and you'll take a little lick to make sure it's delicious. haha You definitely prefer picking up food and eating it with your hands, rather than me feeding you. I'm so thankful you like almost everything we give you to try and work hard to feed yourself! You seriously loved the pasta I made a week or so ago!

We think you're pretty awesome all around K-man!

Every night I whisper in your ear the same thing, a sweet simple truth that I pray will grow deep in your heart.
No one loves you more than me, except Jesus. Jesus loves you the most of anyone. 

It's true. We love you Keaton & thank God every.single.day. for you!

Fun Facts: 10 Months
*Weighs - a lot
*Length - around 29"
*Wears size 3 diapers
*Wears 12 month pants and tops
*Sleeps 6:30 - 6:30 {give or take 15 minutes}
*Naps 2-3x a day @ 9am, 1pm, & between 4-5pm {45mins - 1hr} OR longer at 1pm and skips last one
*Army crawl with a few moves forward on the knees
*Plays up on his knees
*Tries to pull up and stand on his own, can do it when we put our hands out or at hall banister
*6 teeth {4 top & 2 bottom}
*LOVES to feed himself food. Current favorites: avocado, bananas, graham crackers
*Enjoys biting Mommy's shoulder & grabbing her nose and lips {it's as fun as it sounds :0p}
*LOVES to wrestle with big blue Rhino
*Can flip the page in a book upon request
*Will smile real big when asked "do you want to read a story?"
*Say the words: "da da da da da" and smacks his lips for "Mommy" {hahaha - he doesn't really say any words yet!}

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Chelley N said...

Love his K shirt! He gets cuter every month.

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