Saturday, January 17, 2015

making my own baby food

I've wanted to make Keaton some food since he started eating solids....2 months ago. 

With the holidays though, it just got too busy and baby food was kinda put on the bottom of the "to make" list. I never felt like I had to make it {the jar/plastic container ;0) kind is fine for us}, but thought if I could get a good system down it might actually save us a little $$ and not be too bad. 

I started by throwing a few bags of steamed veggies into the food processor --> ice cube trays --> freezer. 

That was pretty easy, but kinda messy. The food processor has 

Again, cooking is never easy and mess-free, but I could create a better system for this. The blender perhaps OR Maybe I just need to steam a bunch of the same kind of veggie and make a few trays at one time.

Frankly, I thought the plain veggies were a little boring to make, so batch #2 were more like actual recipes. Most of the recipes I got from this website: Thriving Home

I made.....
Peacy Sweet Potatoes 
Blueberry & Banana Yogurt 
Banana Quinoa Mash
Cheddar Broccoli Potato Mash

Three more trays that looked just like this were already in the freezer :)
I feel like I made all these really sporadically. If Keaton really likes any, I'll make a few big batches when Ryan's home. They are all easy and quick, but it would save a lot of cleaning up to make a big mess one time!

Fingers crossed K-man likes them!!

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Chelley N said...

I really want to make my own baby food this time around, but I'm concerned about having the time. It really does seem so simple, though!

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