Saturday, January 24, 2015

keaton mark - 9 months

Nine months. Holy smokes.

I've asked him nicely a bunch of times, but he just won't stay itty bitty {Sigh}

Look at that round face! Excuse me while I go give it smooches.
I'm back.

Oh my, this age is SO fun!!
Each month just gets better and better! It's a blast watching Keaton discover and experience new things! I'm soaking in all of his laughs, smiles, and curious faces! We're really starting to see his personality come out, which is hilarious. It's a perfect combination of silly {like Mommy} and serious {like Daddy}.

See serious face here:
He's a sweet boy, but definitely gets into his fair share of mischief. He can sniff out a cord a mile away and has been...ummmmm...very demanding in his high chair when he wants more to eat or is ready to get out.

His army crawl is getting pretty quick - I'm just waiting for him to discover the speed of knees. His hands are super fast. He Nothing within arms reach is safe!!
Keaton's love for singing and music is still going strong. He's starting to sing with me and smiles at my phone whenever the music starts {better know as it ringing} :)
K-man continues to be our amazing sleeper! He goes down without any trouble and sleeps a straight 13 hours, every single night. Sometimes 30 minutes less or up to an hour more, but almost exclusively 13.

His naps are....evolving. One in the morning, usually 2 in the afternoon and cat naps in the car. He sleeps SO great at night that I don't mind his 1-1.5hr naps, except sometimes they're 45mins and that just isn't very long. BUT he's in a great mood almost all the time so I can't complain. HAHA
This month brought a new top tooth, bigger car seat, and a little boy that can move the spoon from his bowl to his mouth. He chucks in on the floor when he's done, but still ;0) 
It's an honor being Keaton's mommy. His Daddy and I just love him so much! He's flexible, fun, and fits into our family perfectly! We pray for him everyday and just know that God is growing in his heart!!

Speaking of hearts....the paper airplane on his shirt just flew right into Mommy's heart.

Love you baby boy!

Fun Facts: 9 Months

*Weighs: 20lb 10oz 
*Length: 28.7"
*Wears size 3 diaper {Pampers keep him dry all.night.long! We haven't found another brand to do that!}
*Wears 12 month onesie and pants {9 month kinda fit, but the arms are too short :) }
*Sleeps 13 hours straight through the night. Sometimes more, but not often less
*Naps around 3x a day {45mins-1.5hrs}
*Poops at least 3x a day {he's got a good working digestive system!}
*4 teeth {2 top and 2 bottom}
*Rocks on hands and knees, but still army crawl all the way
*Loves to smack his lips
*Eats 3x a day + snack {breakfast --> lunch --> snack --> dinner}
*Sits up in his crib
*LOVES cords
*LOVES to look at pictures of family
*Drinks from a straw and cup
*Does NOT like getting into his car seat 
*Discovered his voice {aka screaming in the store}
*Can take the spoon with food and put it in his mouth
*Enjoys eating...everything. Bananas and avocado are favorites!

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