Friday, December 12, 2014

visiting santa

I think it's officially the start of Keaton's first Christmas season...he went to see Santa :) 

I'm not a huge fan of Santa, but it didn't seem right not taking him - so we went! 

If you have a Bass Pro around you, go there! It was amazing! Note 1-3 below:
1) Free carousel ride.
2) Free picture with Santa.
3) I could take my own pics.

I think for our first time, it went okay. Ryan was sick and coming off night shift and I was just, well, my usual all over the place self. I had the diaper bag, stroller, big camera, cell phone get the picture. HAHA

Ryan basically threw Keaton onto Santa's lap and I took some pics! They're way way less than stellar and Keaton isn't looking in any of them, but that's okay! We're all new at this.

Keaton is no fool, he immediately grabbed after Santa's beard to give it a good ol' tug :) It was pretty clear this Santa is no rookie though and put a damper on that right away.

Good hand snatch Santa.
K was pretty indifferent about the whole experience 0:-)
There was no smiling or crying. Just blank, serious staring.
Merry Christmas!
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