Wednesday, December 17, 2014

christmas decorations

I'd be lying if I didn't say we've had our Christmas decorations up for a few weeks now :) 

We were gone over Thanksgiving and Ryan worked a lot immediately after, so I wanted our home decorated and full of Christmas cheer the moment we got back! December always goes by so.quickly. I didn't want to waste a weekend without everything decorated! 

I love posting these pics, because next year when I have no idea where I put everything I can just look back here. That's what I did this year anyways!

We keep things relatively simple and I have ideas for things I want to do/change next year....just need to wait til after Christmas sales for decorations!

We'll start outside. These pictures are from last year, but it looks pretty much exactly the same :)

Foyer & Living Room - just the simple little tree :)
Love this willow tree nativity my MIL has gifted me over the last few years.
I'd love to add some fuller garland with lights on our staircase {just need the hubs to install some outlets :)}
Fireplace - this is my favorite one so far since living in this house! And even though you can't really see {until you look just now}, but I'm lovin' all those toys peeking in the picture in the bottom left corner :)
We upgraded our stocking holders to "PEACE" this year....can't wait to add a few more stockings down the road and fill those letters up!!

A few of our favorite ornaments...
Ben & Jerry's, Painting of our House, Muir Woods, Maine Lobster

 Kitchen & Dining area {this switch recently happened in our house: eat-in kitchen became official dining area --> dining room became living room --> living room became future play room/storage room, just in case you were wondering ;0) }


I just think that little penguin is cute. He holds our mint M&Ms :)
And my favorite...our Christmas card display!
 When our door fills up we start taping them around the living room entry. We keep these up well after Christmas!
Just a few more days until the BIG day! Merry Christmas :)

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Laura said...

Your home is beautiful! Just stopping by from Kelly's Korner link up. Merry Christmas!

Meredith Atkinson said...

love the JOY light fixtures on your kitchen/dining area well!

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