Wednesday, December 24, 2014

keaton mark - 8 months

Say it ain't so, my baby is 8 months old!

I just can't even believe it. It feels scary close to the big ONE...even though we have a few months left!

Keaton you are loving your Mommy something fierce these days :) You want nothing to do with the church nursery or sweet ladies at MOPS and I'm okay with that. I love having you in my arms....although you're getting pretty heavy. HA!

As much as you love Mommy, you love Daddy just the same. You 2 are buddies and more recently you've been putting your arms out for him to hold you. You guys bum around and do "guy" things. You won't sit and just chill on my lap the way you do for Dad - getting ready for football watching I assume.
Keaton this has been a big month for you! You started to army crawl! In typical guy fashion, you wanted the remote control so badly you pulled your little body straight over to it. Even the PT laughed at the look of determination on your face as you worked your way to it. Dad and I both said you'd be crawling by Christmas!
Speaking of the PT - we think you might have graduated from your physical therapy sessions for your torticollis! We have been stretching your neck and doing exercises a lot. You still have a tilt when you look down, but we hope that with more exercises and learning to crawl you'll just continue to get stronger. It's definitely not as bad as it was before {even though most people probably wouldn't ever notice it!}.

Keaton you got 3 new teeth this month!! Two on the bottom and 1 that just poked through up top! You continue to chew on everything.
It's SO FUN watching you learn new things everyday. Your grandparents, aunts, and Mommy's friends get texts all the time with pictures of you being cute or showing off a new trick. I just need to show somebody :)

We're preparing for your very first Christmas - tomorrow!! Oh my stars am I excited! You have no idea what's going on, but we talk about it all the time. I pray that as you grow and get older you'll know the true reason we celebrate Christmas. Presents are certainly exciting, but the best present of all has already been given to us - Jesus.

Love you, love you, love you.

Fun Facts: 8 Months
*Weighs: ??
*Length: ??
*Sleeps 12-13+ hours straight through the night
*No more sleep sac!!
*Naps 3-4x a day for 45mins --> 1hr
*Sits up with no assistance
*Army crawls
*Pushes up on hands and knees
*2 Bottom teeth and top tooth just popped through!
*Fearful of strangers and doesn't like the nursery or MOPS
*Splashes and moves around in the tub
*Wears size 3 diaper {Pampers are our favorite}
*Wears a combo of 9 & 12 month onesies and pants
*Eats 1x a day 1-2 containers of Stage 2 food 
*LOVES to listen to stories. Current favorite: Little Blue Truck's Christmas
*Current nicknames: K-dawg, K-man, Keat-stir, love nut 

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