Monday, November 24, 2014

keaton mark - 7 months

Keaton Mark you are 7 months old today! 

In just 3 days you're going to be celebrating your first Thanksgiving! I'm thrilled you're here to celebrate with us :) 

In the last month you got your 2 bottom front teeth - perfect timing for turkey season! Good thing those teeth started to come in too because you love to eat! You like pretty much everything we've given you so far. You weren't so sure about sugar snap peas, but the next day you scarfed them down no problem! Last night Daddy gave you a Stage 2 banana/apple/ strawberry combo and you LOVED it! He couldn't feed you fast enough.

This morning I put you in these jeans and your little belly was just so round it almost popped the snap - you couldn't sit up straight with them on soooo....
I switched you into sweatpants. WAY more comfortable! You and I both like stretchy pants...especially for Thanksgiving :)  
You appreciate the same clothing comforts as Mommy, but have your Daddy's brain. I can just tell. 

You examine and observe everything very closely. Stickers are pretty straight forward {sticky side - non-sticky side}, but toys that spin and move are SO interesting to you. It's like I can see your brain working on overdrive trying to figure out how they operate. 
You still love singing, dancing, and anything that's "showy." Sometimes Daddy and I sing and dance for you - we're all laughing by the end :)
I won't ever stop saying how much I love you! You and I were shopping the other day when I heard a Christmas song play in the store. I was so overwhelmed with joy and having you with me I started to cry. And then laugh because it was so ridiculous, but seriously I'm so thankful for you! 

Every time I look at your red hair I thank God for you. You're truly our miracle baby.

Fun Facts: 7 Months
*Weighs: ??
*Length: ??
*Average sleep around 13.5 hours straight through the night
*Wears size 3 diaper
*Wears 9 month tops and bottoms...almost into 12 month jammies
*Sits up solo almost exclusively
*LOVES bouncing in the jumperoo
*Still getting visits by the PT every other week for torticollis
*Cries when left in the nursery or with strangers
*Naps 3-4x a day for 45min-1hr. 
*Looks for the washcloth in the tub to suck on during bath
*Smiles at Mommy and Daddy when he sees them
*Watches Phinley like a hawk and wants to pet him SO badly {Phin could care less}!
*Eats 1 to 1.5 containers of Stage 1 baby food at a sitting, 1x a day
*Puts everything in his mouth
*Tolerates shoes, but kicks his feet a lot when first getting them on
*Can roll across a room
*Favorite book: It's Pumpkin Day Mouse

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