Wednesday, October 8, 2014

what we've been up to

Hi :) 

It feels like our days are busy, but nothing really exciting has happened and that's okay! Ryan worked a lot over the last week, so Keaton and I had lots and lots of one on one time together. I love spending my days with him, but we do miss Daddy when he's working 0:-)

Honestly, Keaton just spends most days being as cute as possible.

Exhibit A:
Exhibit B:
Do I really need to show any more? 
OK, fine.
He wakes up this happy every morning and from every nap. He recently started rolling over and sleeping on his belly, so there has been a time or 2 when he just wasn't sure what in the world was going on, but thankfully he's pretty much used to it now! He'll hear me come in and strain his neck way up to try and see me over the crib rail :) Nothing makes me feel better than seeing that smile!!

The weather has been absolutely gorgeous! We try to take Phinley for a long walk at least once a day! Most of the time I try to time it over one of Keaton's naps {he still naps like 5 naps a day!} so Phinley & I get our exercise while Keaton gets his rest :) Most of the time he's snoozing by the end.
K has good reason to be tired...he's been moving {read: rolling} all over the place! He's starting the trek across the living room floor. Most of the time he just rolls off his blanket and into the he's working his way over, but got a little distracted by the trees out the window. This boy loves the outdoors!
And finally! Daddy is home!

Somehow these 2 got their positions reversed. Haha! This is what I hear from the kitchen, "Keaton, you can't play with the laptop cord. Silly boy."

Oh dear. 
Ryan has off this weekend and we're planning to do our apple and pumpkin picking!!

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