Monday, October 20, 2014

date night & apple trample 5k

We had a busy weekend!

Let's start with date night!! 

Ryan and I had our first date night since having Keaton on Friday night :) I surprised Ryan with a babysitter and took him to a BBQ joint and Harbor Freight Tools to browse - haha! He's such a good husband and Dad, he deserved a special night out for him! A friend from our church, Shannon {aka the baby whisperer} stayed with Keaton. He wasn't too happy about the whole situation, but managed to go to bed around his normal time :)

Saturday morning we woke up at our usual time, then headed to West Virgina {about an hour and a half away} to run the Apple Trample 5K! Since we weren't able to run in GA, we replaced it with WV. Ryan has us on a tight schedule to get all these 5K in 50 states done...2 a year to stay on track! haha :) 

These 2 before the race are just too cute!
And as I was going bonkers over the cuteness of little man, a great big southern guy came over and told me to get in the picture -- K obviously wasn't so sure about this guy ;0)
There were about 500 people in the race and Keaton wasn't the only stroller! Ryan pushed most of the way...I did for maybe 1/2 a mile, which I vaguely remember being uphill :) 

Even though we started in the way back of the pack, we managed to come in first in the self-proclaimed "stroller division" with a time of 26:45! We know we were first because as we got near the finish some guy yelled "yay! first stroller! good job!" BAHAHA.

Again, K wasn't impressed. He slept through the entire race and woke up at the end with a very "that's all you got?" face.
It's the Apple Trample 5K buddy! We got an apple too!
And a free slice of pizza! 
After the race Ryan basically ran straight to the free pizza stand while I dry heaved in the corner. OK...I wasn't dry heaving, but I was trying to catch my breath! I didn't feel quite as good as him this time ;0)

It was a perfect fall day to be outside! I loved being with my little family!! 
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