Tuesday, August 12, 2014

dc zoo

Last Saturday, we took a day trip with our small group to the DC Zoo!

We all drove separate and met at a parking garage near the subway, which we took into the city. By some miracle, we managed to get there on time {I thought for sure everyone would be waiting for us!}.

Who's ready for the zooooo??
The Clays! Hi Micah :0)
This was Keaton's first subway ride! He did great....rode a bit, slept some, and ate!
It was pretty crowded, but we all still had fun! I think the most exciting part for the kids {and maybe Brent too} was this spray mister!
Who doesn't love to get soaking wet on a hot day?!? 
Between fightin' the crowds, nursing K, watching the kiddos have fun, and trips to the bathroom...we did manage to see a few animals ;0)

 And this gorilla was totally not.amused. by all the people starting at him. 
  So that's about all the animal pictures I got!! HA!

Keaton & I after lunch! He was such a good boy all day!
And this is Ryan's model shot. Keaton is less than thrilled, but Ryan is really speaking to the camera. Work it babe. hahaha 
So thankful for such great friends and summer adventures!!

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