Wednesday, July 16, 2014

ocean city '14

We're back from our annual beach week in Ocean City, NJ with Ryan's family! We've gone every year since we've been married, but this year stood out from all the rest because of a certain little beach baby we took with us...
And no I didn't take many pictures of anyone other than Keaton {total fail on my part! :( }

Like any good family started off with a trip to the Dr and mad rush to leave 0:-)

Keaton had some black in his poo the day before we planned to leave, so first thing Saturday morning I called the Dr to see if they could get him in before our trip. I was a little nervous it might be blood and wanted to get it checked before going away for an entire week, especially if we spotted more while we were away.

Our appointment was at 9:30 {20 mins away} and at 8:50 I decided we should pack the car and leave straight from the Dr's office. 


I literally grabbed our Keurig on my way out the door and jammed it in the trunk.

The good news is we didn't forget anything {except Ryan forgot shampoo & soap - ummm?!?} and it all fit!
Thankfully, the black was not blood and probably came from my mastitis antibiotic. Keaton is a healthy little boy who "looks old for his age." 

And while we're talking about looking day soon you'll find me curled up in the corner of his nursery crying because of how big he's getting. That's not dramatic at all is it??

The Dr visit only put us 2.5hrs behind schedule - we were set to arrive at the same exact time as everyone else vacationing on the island that week :-) Actually knowing we were going to hit a lot of traffic made it not so bad. I mean....when you're headed to the beach for a week how can you be grumpy about traffic??

I only wish I would have packed more snacks....

But anyways.

Ryan was a true rock star husband and had the car unloaded and our bedroom pretty much set up before I could get Keaton's play mat together! We said "hi" to all the fam and then headed straight to the beach! It was a little late for us to lounge, but perfect for a stroll :) 

Keaton, however, never thinks it's too late for lounging....
To be continued....

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