Thursday, July 17, 2014

keaton mark - 12 weeks

Excuse me, Mr. Keaton... 

How are you 12 weeks old already?!?

Sorry about missing your weeks 10&11 - we were busy getting ready for the beach and then being at the beach!

I think we've known this for a while now, but you and I really go well together :)
And Daddy too!
The last 12 weeks have been the very best in my whole life.

You spent the morning celebrating with your owl friends :) You're such a friendly little guy.
Keaton, you have started to get into a nice routine....which Mommy loves! 
You nurse 10-15mins on 1 side --> play for about an 1hr --> then get fussy and are ready for a 45min - 1hr nap. 

The moment you start getting cranky I wrap you in the sleep swaddle sack and put you in your crib. You almost always put yourself to sleep within 5 minutes! 

You've always been a good sleeper and are still going strong! You sleep on average 10 hours a night :0) Thanks buddy! Although recently you've been breaking out of your miracle blanket and sleep sack and that wakes you up - stinker.
No, you're not in trouble, just stop moving around too much! haha
I think a good night's rest does you good, because your smiles are off the charts these days. You are just SO happy! We were at Rainbow Sno last night and when I told you "we" were getting peanut butter soft serve you almost jumped out of your car seat with smiles and excitement! 

You just love when people talk to you, especially if they use a high "baby" voice - that almost always gets a smile!

Keaton, I could stare at your peach fuzz all day long. Your hair looks like it's growing in red, but has blond tips which makes the whole thing look strawberry blond. It reminds me of a sunset :)
Love you little man! 

Fun Facts Week 12
*Can roll from your belly to back!
*Smile bigger than ever!
*Still in size 1 diaper
*Almost exclusively in 3-6 month sleepers
*Weigh 14lbs
*Routine = eat {for about 10-15mins} --> play/awake {1hr} --> rest {45mins-1hr} 
*Naps beautifully in crib at home
*Can break out of the miracle blanket AND sleep sack
*An active sleeper! Moves at least 180 degrees in the crib each night....I always find you in a different spot.
*Lifts head high and for longer stretches of time during tummy time.
*Still spitting up after each meal and randomly all day long but NOT nearly as much when asleep! I think we're making progress! 
*Enjoys the play mat and bouncer
*Starting to get verbally uncomfortable when diaper is full of poo. haha!
*Goes to bed between 7-7:30

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