Friday, June 27, 2014

the time I had mastitis

Keaton has gotten an A+ for nursing from the start!

He's been a super star at latching and I've never worried that he hasn't gotten enough.

Full Keaton = Happy Keaton 
I've been sore free and other than one clogged duct have felt great! The whole experience has been a big blessing! It took a a few weeks for us to get into a nice groove and for me to get my milk supply and let down under control, but I wouldn't consider that a problem...just getting my body figured out. This whole feeding another human being thing is crazy :) 

Soooo...with that being said....last Saturday I felt like crap. I had been getting headaches regularly and body aches almost every other day for the last 2 weeks. I just hadn't been feeling like myself and was starting to worry a little {what was going on??}- it reached it's head on Saturday.

I took some Tylenol first thing and went on with my day. Around lunch, the Tylenol had worn off and I felt awful. Body aches, chills, and one small, red sore spot on my breast. 

The thought of mastitis crossed my mind, but I thought my breast would be SO sore, almost unbearable, and that really wasn't the case. It was more my entire body ached. Sharp pains were going through my joints...I was so uncomfortable. I texted my SIL {hi Kasie!}, who has had mastitis a few times {gahhh!!} to see if the symptoms lined up. She told me to call the Dr on call right away to get a prescription. 

Why do I always need the Dr on a Saturday???

I called the nurse on call and they suggested I head to Urgent Care within the next 24hrs to get checked and start medication. So, I packed up Keaton and headed in. My body seriously hurt so bad and hauling Keaton to UC was the last thing I wanted to do {who wants to take an 8 week old to UC}, but I knew something was wrong and Ryan was at work so I was on my own.

Thankfully, K-man was a rock star and the place was pretty empty. 

He's the best :) :)

In the 20 minutes I was waiting for the Dr, I managed to fall asleep on the bed/table. When she came in, it scared me to death which caused me to jump like a crazy person and basically fall off the table. This scared her to death and she jumped back into the door. Then we both did an uncomfortable, awkward laugh and looked at each other. 

It was a lot of fun.

But not. Because my body hurt so bad.

She gave me a once over and was like yeah, you have mastitis. Haha 

Keaton and I headed to Target right away {thankfully it was like 1 minute from UC} and went straight for the Tylenol. Mine had worn off from earlier and the fever and body aches were coming back, so I wanted to get them stopped ASAP.

Again, not to toot my own horn, but hauling a little one around while you basically feel like you have the flu is not the easiest thing to do sooooo....TOOT TOOT! I'm awesome. HAHA! 

Poor Ryan. He kept calling from work to make sure I was okay. I was fine, but in the midst thought I was going to die. Okay, that's an exaggeration. But still. I cheered when he got home!

I rested all day Sunday and by Monday felt back to normal. I'm so glad my SIL told me to get checked right away - I would have been miserable all weekend. 

Just one of those things that comes with nursing. I was just so surprised to get it without first having an obvious clogged duct or cracked nipples. I figured the infection had been working it's way through my body for a week or so before the fever started. Weird.

All that to say...we survived and I would have it again if it meant things continued to go as they are! All you Mommas out there who get mastitis regularly or have had it a couple of times, or just once! you rock! It's no joke. 

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Bethany said...

Mastitis is THE WORST! With my first baby I nursed to a year and never got it once. With my second I got it once - at two weeks postpartum...just when I was starting to recover from my c-section and I felt like I was going to die! With my third baby I got it 4 or 5 times. The last time was when she was 11 months and we were tent camping. I had to drive all three kids home (100 miles) all by myself. I cried most of that drive and then slept for HOURS afterwards. Anyways. Enough rambling. Mastitis is awful. Sorry you had to experience it. But I am glad you got the antibiotics you needed. Go ahead toot your own horn!

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