Wednesday, May 7, 2014

father & son

I thought my heart might burst when I saw Ryan hold his son for the first time and I was right.
Ryan has never really been around babies. He's only held his nieces and nephews as teeny tiny little ones and only for a few minutes {and while sitting}, but came as no surprise to me at all that he was such an instant natural with Keaton.

He was made to be a Dad. 

Ryan's protection over Keaton was instant and obvious.
He loves him something fierce and it's a JOY to watch! The other night, Ryan was holding Keaton as I was getting ready to nurse and Keaton started rooting for milk. Ryan said "I don't have any milk for you buddy - that's Mommy. All I have to give you is my love. Just my love."

And then he kissed him. 
My heart never felt so full. 

These 2 are going to be quite a pair - I can tell already :) 

Keaton already has his Daddy's hair color....
And laid back demeanor. 
I couldn't love any 2 people more if I tried. 

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