Saturday, March 22, 2014

baby gear: baby monitor, stroller, bouncer, and high chair

Baby Gear.....

I've researched. Researched again. Asked family. Asked friends. Looked online. Looked online again. And then registered or bought what I thought would suite our growing family the best!

There are soooo many opinions out there! Everyone likes something different and I'm sure we'll be no different. It's hard not to want every gadget and gizmo, but I tried to get the basics {or at least what I think are the basics - hahahaha!}. Sure, the video monitor is ultra fancy, but it's awesome and will probably be AMAZING!

We haven't used any of this stuff with baby yet, so some items might be a total flop...this ISN'T a blog review post of the items by any means - just what we picked out and put together ;0)

Baby Monitor: 
We opted for this Motorola Video Monitor. The video feature seems obvious :) And the 2 cameras will be nice when we:
A) have another child and need one for their room
B) need to spy on Phinley
C) travel and don't want to unhook the one that's set up already in the nursery
The picture quality is awesome and it has all kinds of fancy bells and whistles. Personally, I think it will be really nice to check on baby without going into his room!
The camera fits perfectly on the ledge!

Jogging Stroller:
We have a great lightweight, everyday stroller, but thought it would be nice to have something a little more heavy duty for when I start running slow jogging again. It will also be nice for the gravel paths around our development.

I read a bunch of reviews and have only heard great things about the BOB!

Just a little assembly required {thanks Ryan} :-D
All we need is a baby and some nice days!
Bouncer Seat: 
My SIL & BIL {Marissa & Jason} gifted this to us! I'll be honest, I chose the Baby Trend EZ Bouncer - Moonlight a little more for the look than anything. It got okay reviews, but some bouncers are just SO bright and look visually loud {which makes no sense to me because baby can't see what he/she is sitting on!}.

I loved this pattern :)

Alex the Alligator giving it a try....he likes it! 
Those cute! What baby wouldn't love looking at those guys??
 Pack N' Play:
I didn't have a lot of requirements when looking for a PNP; mostly that it had a place to change diapers and store diaper changing supplies that were easy to get to. The Graco Newborn Napper - Vance fit the bill and  also matched our living room furniture - score!

Again with the assembly...
He's awesome.
And the PNP is awesome :-D
I realize we won't need a highchair for at least 6 more months, but {love this site!} was having a deal so we went ahead and bought it!

Oh my. I went back and forth on this for months. I just wasn't sure what we wanted/needed.

The Stokke Tripp Trapp chair is awesome because it grows with the child. The goal {!!} is for them to use this from baby-hood-->toddler-hood. I've seen my sister's kiddos use this first hand and do so well with it. Their feet can touch the adjustable board and the chair pulls up nicely to sit level with the dining table.

AGAIN - we haven't actually used this yet, but the idea is for it to be amazing. HA!

So those are our goodies :) We know we're super blessed to have such nice, new things to spoil our kiddo with and that they'll be used again {and again and again - hopefully!} with our future kids! 

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