Friday, January 17, 2014


I figured since Phinley will soon be kicked to the backseat in many many areas of my life come April, I'd give him a little spotlight today :) 

It's just a bunch of pictures really, but common! He's so darn cute! Can you have too many pictures of a little fuzz head all in one place?

Recently, he has LOVED laying between our legs...always head at feet {and sometimes in my slipper :)}
He was all fancy in his polo shirt this day :-P 

 I was home from work sick this day....sweet company :) 
And then there's days he just like to be....close {okay this is most days}!
And for the Grand Finale! 
 Nice under bite...
 Rub my belly...
 Camera shy 0:-)
 Nice under bite...again. Haha!
Those are clean. Thanks.
He's my first baby - I won't deny this. I'm sure you'll see a tail or ear in posts to come, maybe even a "how Phinley is adjusting to Baby Harris" post, but that's probably it. 

Love ya fluffernutter! Soak up all my hugs, kisses, and attention while you still can ;0) 

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