Tuesday, January 21, 2014

{27 weeks}


How Far Along: 27 weeks
Size of Baby: cauliflower OR rutabaga {about 14.5" long and almost 2lbs}
Exercise: 5x - Phinley and I went for a few 3 mile walks {strolls} this week. I wasn't trying to keep a pace or anything so I figured I'd keep track of how well we were moving by how hard I was breathing. At first, I thought I was doing awesome {breathing nice and heavy!}, then a few hours later I walked from the sofa to the kitchen for a snack and was breathing....nice and heavy. HA! Soooo....yeah. ;0) 
Maternity Clothes: Yep
Gender: baby BOY  
Movement: He likes to move a bunch when I watch TV or after I eat....looks like we both get excited about food!
Sleep: Sleep has been okay. I'm waking up between 3-4am each night/morning w-i-d-e awake and ready for the day. This worked out on Monday, because Ryan got up at 4 for work, so I basically got up when he did. 
What I miss: Not too much! I guess some normal pregnancy related things like bending over to pick things up is a little harder, but hardly worth mentioning!!
Cravings: Key Lime Pie! How nice of myself to make one this week and single-handedly eat 3/4 of it 0:-)
Best Moment: Having lunch out with small group after church on Sunday!

Baby Harris' brain tissue is really developing and his brain is getting very active now! I'm sure he'll be super smart, just like his Dad!  

We're getting closer! The nursery curtains came in yesterday and Ryan is hanging them as I type! I'll do a nursery reveal once we get everything set up! We also finally figured out when we can start child birth classes and take an infant care class. Between limited classes, traveling, Ryan's work schedule, youth group, and ladies bible study it was nearly impossible to find something that worked....hoping to get our 1st {and pretty much only} choice!

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