Monday, December 30, 2013

christmas in New Jersey 2013

After my family left and I did some laundry, we packed our bags and headed to New Jersey!

It was a blessing that all of Ryan's family was able to make it. His sister, Shannon, got engaged on the 20th so it was EXTRA exciting to see her ring in person and celebrate the holiday with her new fiance. Ted is going to make an amazing addition to the family :)

Just look at the way he looks at Shannon....
Once all the kids were up from naps we exchanged presents! They do things a lot differently from how I did them growing up, but it's refreshing to have a change of pace. 
Look at these 2! Ethan is quite the baby entertainer - Landon loved him!
Andrew totally got into opening presents this year and it was a hoot!
And Miss Alayna got butterfly wings from Aunt Erin & Uncle Ryan
 Probably the cutest little butterfly I've ever seen flying around ;0)
I love this picture. I'm not sure who's more excited....Aunt Shannon or Alayna?!? Haha! 
As per usual, Ryan and I were spoiled.....
 We had a nice Christmas dinner and then the adults did a white elephant. This was new this year and I really liked it! Props to Marissa for coming up with the idea :) I like giving and getting gifts from the other get SO much stuff...and it was nice to do that with a fun twist.
We know we won't always be able to see everyone at Christmas, but this year was a special treat! 

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