Thursday, January 2, 2014

{23 & 24 weeks}

**I wrote the 23 week update before we left for my sister's house on Christmas Eve, but totally forgot to take a picture and post! HA! I loved just re-reading the update so I thought I'd post that w/out a picture. Week 24 is below....}**
How Far Along: 23 weeks 
Size of Baby: Grapefruit or large mango {weighing in at just over a pound and 11" long}
Exercise: 6x
Maternity Clothes: Yes! Wearing some regular shirts, but lots of maternity pants {jeans & tights} and a few regular work pants with the hair band around the button :)
Gender: boy :)  
Movement: Yes! And Ryan felt him move!! We were focusing very hard with Ryan's hand on my stomach {after the first kick was felt} and then Phinley ran over and sat right on me. BAHAHA Didn't want to miss anything I guess ;0)  
Sleep: Very good!
What I miss: There really isn't too much.
Cravings: Never got Panera - that still sounds yummy :) 
Best Moment: Opening presents for little man and realizing we're having a baby and people are buying things for him - very surreal {if that all makes sense}.

It's impossible not to go through this Christmas holiday without little dude on my mind all.the.time. I know next year will look completely different for our family, but I can't wait! He's brought us so much joy already - I might just burst next year with excitement and joy....or take a big long nap :) hehe! I imagine we'll be tired.

Funny side note: I JUST looked down at my stomach and started talking "baby talk" to little man and Phinley ran into the room like I was talking to him. Hmmm...this should all be very interesting. Hahaha!

24 weeks
Still no big camera or nursery for weekly phone/instagram picture it is :)

How Far Along: 24 weeks
Size of Baby: Cantaloupe {or about the size of an ear of corn} 
Exercise: 2x {it was Christmas week!}
Maternity Clothes: Yep! I go back and forth between outfits that are all maternity and no maternity. Maternity jeans are the best...right after sweatpants.
Gender: baby BOY  
Movement: Oh yes! Lots of kicks and punches! I love it so very much! When he starts to get excited I'll usually lift up my shirt to see if I can see him move. Ryan saw him give me a few punches this week - it was so neat!
Sleep: Fine
What I miss: My hair seems to be breaking a lot...this is kind of new. Not sure if it's pregnancy related or not - could just be coloring. I'm not really losing hair, little pieces just keep breaking off. I know after delivery I'm bound to lose a bunch, so I'll  just take the little breaks now before the big loss :) 
Cravings: Pizza and I have had a pretty strong bond since the beginning. 
Best Moment: Ryan seeing little man move....from the outside! AND seeing my Dad's reaction to my growing belly. I think the belly is making it real for everyone {including me!} :)

It was such a joy opening so many gifts for little man at Christmas! Our family was so generous and thoughtful including him, before he's even here! To all of us, he's part of the family already.

On another note, I've been trying to keep up with my 3 mile runs, but they are getting tough. I need to stop after each mile and stretch my feet get SO sore. It's like I'm running straight uphill, but I'm not. HA! All the "girl" pain up top has moved down to my feet. I have a goal of running till 30 weeks...we'll see! Almost there :) Even if I have to run a mile, walk, run a mile, walk, etc...I'll count it ;0) I feel a little bit like a super woman when I run with my growing belly, but I'm sure it's more like this....

BAHAHA! Love it!

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