Tuesday, November 12, 2013

{17 weeks}

They begged me to be in a picture :) 
How Far Along: 17wks
Size of Baby: Pear {around 5 inches long}
Exercise: 6x
Maternity Clothes: no, need to go shopping soon
Gender:  find out in 20 days! OH MY WORD I CAN'T WAIT.
Movement: haven't felt anything yet 
Sleep: Getting up a few times to use the bathroom, but that's normal 
What I miss: what's to miss? 
Cravings: Celery & watermelon 
Aversions: Whenever I hear anyone blow their nose with fiery or hack something up I gag....more than I normally do. Just thinking about this is making me feel sick. 
Best Moment: Hearing the baby's heartbeat!!

Baby Harris is developing some body fat and sucking and swallowing! He/she is also starting to develop bones! I have been feeling really good this week! A little round ligament pain, but nothing major. If things continue like this, it looks like we'll be on the road for a nice and boring pregnancy!! I definitely need to do some pants shopping and find some pregnancy jeans to start wearing. My clothes still fit, but by the end of the day I cannot wait to get sweatpants on {will that every change though ;0) }

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Danielle said...

I seriously laughed out loud at your aversion! :) hahaha.

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