Tuesday, October 8, 2013

pottery barn giant ruler knock off

When I saw these Pottery Barn growth chart rulers I fell in love! What I wasn't loving, however, was the price! Oh vey! $89 just seemed like a lot. 

I had seen someone post about getting one at Kirkland's for half the price and was just about the click "buy" online when I thought....I have to be able to make this myself!

Thankfully, so did 517 Creations! She had the best tutorial and I shamelessly copied every single bit of it! 

My dear friend, Jess, came over for a craft night and we made ours together. Between talking, eating dinner, and more talking I kinda lost track of how long it took us to make ;) 

I bought and stained the boards the day before, so when she came over we could get started on marking them right away. I bought the boards and stain at Home Depot. The boards were about $6 a piece.

I stained 3 boards - one for Jess, me, and a back-up in case we needed it. Ours ended up great, so I used the 3rd to make one for my sister
Making the marks was easy! We had the iPad close by to double check our every step :)  Jess was the brave one who marked first...we must have measured it 15x. 
I just love love LOVE how it turned out!
Ryan added a saw tooth picture hanging hook on the back and got it hung up at just the right height. Thanks honey!
Can't wait to start measuring our kiddos!! 
 photo erinsignatureaqua_web1_zps89bdee36.png

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Amanda Hamelly said...

We made the same thing for our boys a year and a half ago and they still love it! I added their birth heights to the bottom so they can really see how they've grown!

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