Sunday, October 20, 2013

last weekends fun

I was going to update on my weekend BUT then I noticed I never mentioned all my fun from last weekend!

Ryan was working night shift all weekend, so I had a little mini-girls weekend with my Mom and sister, Jenn. We missed you Emily! :(

I had a Dr. appointment early Friday morning and then we headed to Lancaster Friday --> Saturday for a show and shopping!

My mom loves Lancaster, so whenever she visits it's a must. Did I mention she lives in North Carolina? That's a long drive alone...I was so grateful she made the trip! It rained her entire drive up and then on Friday, but we made the best of it! You don't get too wet when you run from the car to the store ;0)

Friday night, she treated Jenn and I to a show called Noah at Sight & Sound theater.

Sight & Sound makes Bible stories come to life! They put on the most amazing shows -- seriously! It is definitely worth taking your kiddos, family, anyone to see one of their shows! I've been to 3 and have loved it each time. I would really like to see the Christmas show they do!

After the show, we went back to the hotel and all went to bed too late! I'm used to going to bed at 8:30/9 {!! I know!!} and it was 11! Ha! I'm so old...and pregnant!

Saturday we slept in and then took our time hitting all the best spots in Lancaster....and fighting the crowds. It's so crowded this time of year! It's such a beautiful time to be's no wonder so many people are there!!

Jenn had to leave on Saturday night, but my Mom stayed until Tuesday {insert cheers here!}. We talked, took Phinley for walks, watched TV, had lunch at Wegmans, worked in the nursery Sunday morning, bought make-up, got fro-yo, and hugged :)

It's always a blessing to have someone stay with me when Ryan is working nights, especially when they make such an effort to get here! Such fun memories to cherish!

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