Thursday, September 5, 2013

birthday celebrations and meeting landon

I can't believe it's been a week since I posted! I work on computers all day at school, so when I get home I like to be far far away from any kind of desk or desktop :) I love searching the internet and reading blogs on my ipad though...on the sofa. That's about it! 

Labor day weekend we spent in NJ celebrating Lynn's big 60th birthday and meeting our new nephew Landon!

He is a precious little boy -- just look...
You can't tell in this picture, but he looks like his daddy {just picture Ryan - it's his twin brother's baby} and has reddish hair. I'm sure he'll be a good little sleeper, just like his sister.

Still can't believe she's a big sister! She is so sweet - she'll take good care of Landon :) 
Ryan did lots of guy things over the weekend: poker night, fantasy football, etc. I hung out with his parents and went to the zoo with Andrew and Lynn.

It was pretty hot and a lot of the animals were napping. Gordo the Gorilla was Andrew's favorite. Ha!
Monday morning we had family pictures taken!

I mean seriously. SO cute! Ethan was ready with his fancy tie and everything :)
I'll post more pictures of the family pictures when we get them! Hope the photographer got some good ones!!

The pictures were part of Lynn's birthday gift. She turned 60 in July and we celebrated a bit late with pictures and a surprise lunch! 

OH! And a tiara :) 

So royal and elegant!
Darren also had this Amazing banner made. 
 Lynn couldn't believe that she hadn't changed a bit since that picture was taken {it was a long, long time ago :)}
 We had a very blessed and special weekend! 

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