Wednesday, August 28, 2013

new school year

School started Monday.

Oh vey.

It's good to be back, but I miss summer!! I was so blessed to do so many fun things, it's just hard getting back into the grind. Ryan has no pity for me whatsoever. He's working a 60 hour week, followed by a 72 hour yeah, no sympathy at all!

The mornings just kill me. I somehow managed to get up and run on Tuesday morning, but I just don't see that happening on a regular basis. Unless my bedtime ends up being 8:30 {like Monday night} I'm just going to be toooo tired 0:-)

Anyways! It's nice to see all my school/teacher friends!!


Have you seen the show Lost? Ohmygoodness. Ryan and I are hooked!

I'm not usually good with scary, but I can't stop watching. I actually got goosebumps last night. For real ones. Even Ryan said "yeah that was creepy." haha!

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Mr. First Grade said...

Running?! Ha! What's that?!

I haven't found it in me to run since school has started... My goal is to go after school tomorrow, but we'll see!

Cori and I devoured Lost on Netflix last summer. I swear, we plowed through the entire series in about a month!! SO good!!


Anonymous said...

Love, love, love Lost. I grieved when it was over. Just wait

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