Thursday, August 22, 2013

california adventure: jelly belly factory

Buttered Popcorn Jelly Belly anyone?
Dr. Pepper?
Baby Wipes?

Getting a little gross there, but I did try one of the last 2!!

One of my favorite afternoon trips we was to the Jelly Belly factory! I imagine the locals view it a lot like I view the Hershey factory: fun, but just a big ploy to get you to buy chocolate {in this case - jelly beans}
There he is, in all his flying glory! Mr. Jelly Belly himself!! 
 And we're ready for the tour! 
They gave us these awesome "hats" to wear during the tour to keep our hair from getting into the jelly beans. Ummmm...right {anyone else notice the hair that isn't being covered by the "hat"??} 
After the tour, we went straight for the Sample Bar where I tried:
Pencil Shavings
Baby Wipes
and.......??? {I can't remember!}
Baby wipes tasted JUST LIKE baby wipes!!! It was so gross!! Haha



I'm back.

After the baby wipe recovery, we browsed the store and made our buys. I didn't get a whole lot, just 4-2lb bags of Belly Flops.

BAHAHA - only 8 pounds of Jelly Belly mess ups! 
Next up: Muir Woods {personal favorite!!}

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1 comment:

halloweencouple said...

wow pencil shavings and baby wipes? those are some crazy flavors to even want to invent :)

love the belly flops, such a cool way to use the less perfect but just as tasty beans.

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