Monday, July 1, 2013

visit south

Like I mentioned before, I headed south after my last day of school to visit my parents and sister for a week. {Yes, that was a month ago!!}  

It was kind of a whirlwind going the day after school got out, but I was homesick to see them!

I had a fabulous time! 

It's not easy being far from everyone, but I do feel blessed to have the chance to take the trip. Once I'm done working, I plan on making more visits and hosting more guests 
{family read: come visit!!}

One of the neat things I get to see when I visit, is my parents interaction with my nephew and niece -- they are wonderful grandparents! I simply can't wait to see them love on our kids one day!!

A little evidence....

Wrestling like boys do. 
Holding hands to stay safe. Adorable.
Letting little A lead explorations.
Giving a ride home {Asher did enjoy this...even though he's frowning. haha}
 And sweet snuggles from Grammy. 

Didn't get many pictures of anything or anyone else! HA! 

Pictures of the outlets, TV, and restaurants just aren't that exciting or nearly as darn cute!!

 photo erinsignatureaqua_web1_zps89bdee36.png

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