Tuesday, July 2, 2013

adoption: part II {home study}

This will be the last adoption post for...a while. 
Our agency advised us not to post on public forums once our family profile gets put "in the books" for birth parents to see. We're thinking this will happen in August!! Yahoo!!

Obviously, we're making great progress on our home study! On July 15, our social worker comes to the house and all our paperwork needs to be turned in. I just completed my last part; a 13 page autobiography. Seems kinda short considering I've been around for 28 years, but HEY I guess I'm just that boring! ;0)  

 The rest of the paper work is financial forms {basically the same as getting a mortgage}, marriage certificate, college diplomas, clearances, physical forms, and other contract forms. It's a lot of paper work and not a lot of time at our home -- again, go figure!! HA! 

The "at home" part seems pretty easy and our social worker is so nice! She told us several times our house doesn't need to be spotless or ready for a child the day she comes, but I'm sure within the next 2 weeks I'll end up washing all the baseboards and crying because the basement is a construction disaster and our sidewalk isn't poured yet -- thanks to the rain it might never get poured {did I mention we're putting in a sidewalk and 2nd patio -- pictures later}.  

Just kidding about washing all the baseboards.


I'm a clean freak by nature, so it will just be another cleaning day in the Harris House! Let's add wiping down all the walls and pressing all the curtains for good measure. Okay, I've gone too far.

I'm sure something really exciting will happen moments before she comes, like a toilet overflowing or Phinley throwing up all throughout the house OR maybe there'll be 4 cement trucks in our yard pouring our sidewalk. All kinds of fun possibilities. 

After the "at home" portion, Ryan and I get to make a lil video of ourselves and why we want to adopt for birth parents to watch as they make their choice. Anyone else just get that sick feeling in their gut?? No matter how much I might want to, I plan to tell Ryan to not let me: use self-tanning lotion, get my hair cut or colored, or try new make-up for our 30 minute on camera session. My stomach will be in complete knots. 

Note to self: wear black so sweat marks aren't blatantly visible.

What DO you say to possible future birth parents other than: 
Thank you. I admire you. I will love this child with every pore of my being. I love them now.   

And after the video we create a profile and begin to wait and pray. 

We're all getting so good at praying. It's one of the constants that has been with us throughout this whole thing.

Please pray that we can wait with happy and patient hearts knowing that with time the perfect little one will be placed with us.

My heart is growing each day with love for them and the birth parents. 

Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer. 
Romans 12:12
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Kelsey Winter said...

"Thank you. I admire you. I will love this child with every pore of my being. I love them now." What a beautiful statement, Erin! You are going to be the most amazing mother, and that will certainly come through in your home study and video profile. Even though you can't post about the adoption process anymore, I will be continuing to pray for you and think of you.

Darren and Kasie said...

why do you have to make me cry in these posts??? Just kidding, but it's true..... And I think it's pretty funny that both Darren and Ryan married neat freaks :)

Andrea said...

I know I am a little late to comment, so please forgive me.

You are right, what more could be said? But I am sure that you and Ryan will do a wonderful job in your video of being transparent and showing what a wonderful couple you are and what wonderful parents you will make. Nothing is wrong with being a neat freak or even with loving to find a good deal! Those are things everyone can relate too and no doubt birth parents will too.

I am continuing to pray for you during this journey and cannot wait for the day when you deliver good news on the blog!

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