Thursday, June 27, 2013

pocket hose

I wasn't with my Dad on Father's Day this year, so I decided to give him his gift a little early when I was visiting just the week before.

Dad's are impossible to buy for, especially my Dad.

No seriously.

When someone in the family gets "mean" and forces him to write a Christmas list it generally has 1-3 items on it which usually includes something for his fish tank {$2.00 fish net -- doesn't count Dad!} :-) 

He likes all things practical and since getting him underwear isn't really...errr...appropriate I got him the Pocket Hose

Only the best "as seen on TV" gift for my Dad!

My neighbor raved and raved about his and I quote "it's the BEST hose I've ever had. I'll never use another kind again."


It was wound pretty tight...

Just gettin' 'er ready.

Hook it up and...

VOILA! 50ft of hose! 

It actually worked really great!! 

He spent the next 20 minutes watering all the plants on the deck and then finding something teeny tiny to "hide" his new bright green hose. HA!

The funniest part was when my Mom leaned over and whispered in my ear that she was really excited because she's always wanted one. 

Double win. 

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